The best sports for weight loss

Practising sport is an excellent way to keep fit and to fight against several ailments such as anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorders etc. In addition to a healthy diet, practising a sport regularly is very beneficial for your physical health, as it represents a formidable solution for weight loss. We have identified for you the best sports that will help you lose weight faster.

Weight training

It’s good to do sports, but it’s even better to do it while burning as many calories as possible. We start this list with a very well known and widely practiced sport, bodybuilding. Beyond what one might imagine, weight training is a sport that contributes to the elimination of fat. By strengthening your muscles, you directly increase your basal metabolic rate, i.e. the energy requirements of your body for its daily survival.

In fact, your muscles burn fat especially during low intensity physical activities. The more developed your muscles are, the more fat you will burn during the day, even when you are not exercising.


This activity is recommended for anyone who wants to lose weight gently.  Swimming is an activity that has two major benefits: relaxation and exercise. If you can swim for an hour at a moderate pace, you could lose 300 calories or more. For those with a more advanced pace, you can lose around 800 calories. For a start, you only need to do two sessions a week to reshape your whole body. This will give way to a more slender figure. The nation also helps to improve blood circulation, remove cellulite, and slim down the waistline.


This physical activity allows you to work your muscles, your leg joints, your abdominal muscles and also your breath. Cycling has many health benefits. For a start, you can take it easy without having to set a pace. Cycling saves you from joint damage, while improving your heart rate and breath. So you can lose weight without suffering too much.